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Worf, Sohn von Mogh, ist ein Klingone und Offizier der Sternenflotte. Auf der USS ENTERPRISE. Worf ist ein Botschafter der Klingonen und gin'tak des Großen Haus von Martok. Er ist der Vater von Alexander Rozhenko und K'Dhan, der Ehemann von Grilka. Trotzdem schlägt Worf immer wieder zu und tötet Duras. Zwar hat er gemäß klingonischem Recht ehrenvoll gehandelt, doch Picard ist enttäuscht von Worfs.

Worf Inhaltsverzeichnis

Worf ist eine fiktive Figur im Star Trek-Franchise. Er erscheint in der Fernsehserie Star Trek: The Next Generation und in den Staffeln vier bis sieben von Star Trek: Deep Space Nine sowie in den Spielfilmen Star Trek Generations, Star Trek. Worf, Sohn von Mogh, ist ein Klingone und Offizier der Sternenflotte. Auf der USS Enterprise-D. Worf, Sohn von Mogh, ist ein Klingone und Offizier der Sternenflotte. Auf der USS ENTERPRISE. Er wurde vor allem bekannt durch seine Rolle des Klingonen Worf in Star Trek. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Leben; 2 Karriere. Commander Data; Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge; Lieutenant Worf; Counselor Deanna Troi; Lieutenant Natasha „Tasha“ Yar. Worf ist ein Botschafter der Klingonen und gin'tak des Großen Haus von Martok. Er ist der Vater von Alexander Rozhenko und K'Dhan, der Ehemann von Grilka. Many translated example sentences containing "Worf" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations.


Name, Spezies, Rang, Position, Beschreibung, Bilder. Worf Sohn des Mogh. Klingone ♂. Commander / General. Erster Offizier der Enterprise-E. Worf ist der. Worf ist als Sohn des Mogh auf Qo'noS geboren. Sein Bruder "Kurn" etwa Etwa siedelt Worf mit seinem Vater nach Khitomer um. Bei einem. Commander Data; Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge; Lieutenant Worf; Counselor Deanna Troi; Lieutenant Natasha „Tasha“ Yar.

He eventually developed strong feelings for Counselor Deanna Troi , and explored a relationship with her for a time, which at times strained his relationship with her former romantic interest, Commander Riker.

In , he was promoted lieutenant commander Star Trek Generations. After the destruction of the Enterprise -D, Worf took an extended leave to evaluate his future.

He was at a monastery on the Klingon colony of Boreth when he was ordered to go to Deep Space 9 to advise Captain Sisko when a Klingon fleet massed at the station.

DS9 : " The Way of the Warrior ". Worf learned that the Klingons were planning to invade Cardassia because of a coup which they had been led to believe was engineered by the Dominion.

Worf reluctantly informed Sisko, knowing this would jeopardize his status in the empire. After the invasion had begun, Gowron traveled to DS9 to ask Worf to join him in battle.

Gowron believed the Federation was unworthy of Worf's loyalty because they would not fight the Dominion. Worf felt the war was wrong and he could not support it.

Gowron punished him by reinstating Worf's discommendation, but this time executing it to the full degree, by stripping him and his family of his honor, lands, and titles, effectively bringing down the House of Mogh.

Worf submitted his resignation but Sisko rejected it because he still needed him. He had decided to rescue the members of the Cardassian council from certain death at the hands of the Klingons.

In doing so, he was able to prove that there was no Dominion involvement by verifying their identities. The Klingons attacked the station in order to capture the council members but withdrew as Starfleet ships approached, fearing a war on two fronts.

At the end of the immediate crisis, Sisko convinced Worf to join the crew as Strategic Operations officer. In this role, he would coordinate all Starfleet activity in the Bajoran sector and act as executive officer of the USS Defiant , meaning he had to adjust to the requirements and obligations that came with the red "command personnel" uniform.

For the first months, Worf had difficulties adjusting to life on the station, unintentionally overstepping his boundaries by acting as he did on the Enterprise , putting him for a while at odds with Chief of Security Odo.

For Worf, the station's life seemed just too much 'grey', subsequently requesting to relocate his quarters aboard Defiant.

After the Klingon civil war, Kurn had gained a seat on the High Council. Worf's opposition to the war against Cardassia cost Kurn his seat on the council.

Four months later, he arrived at DS9 seeking help from his brother to perform a ritual to die with honor. He felt that the ritual, which involved Worf killing him, was the only way to restore his honor.

Initially disregarding orders from Sisko not to carry out the honor killing , Worf failed in his first attempt to perform the ritual and later found he could not bring himself to do so again, as he had taken on a human feature of morality and would consider it murdering his brother.

Worf arranged for his brother to have cosmetic surgery and his memory wiped so he could start a new life with no ties to the House of Mogh.

Kurn now has the identity of Rodek, who believes he lost his memory after being hit by a plasma discharge DS9 episode " Sons of Mogh ".

When Rodek sees Worf, he asks him whether he is family. Worf bitterly replies that he has no family. After a year of war between the Federation and the Klingons, Worf joined a team sent to investigate claims that Gowron was a changeling in disguise.

Worf nearly killed Gowron in combat but at the last moment the impostor was revealed to be disguised as Gowron's military adviser General Martok.

The discovery helped restore peace between the Federation and the Klingons and to Worf again being shunned by Gowron for not having killed him when he had the chance, reaffirming his dishonor.

She was familiar with Klingon customs due to the experience of the Dax symbiont's previous host, Curzon. She was the first non-Klingon that Worf could "physically" be with in the traditional Klingon way, although it still left bruises, cuts and broken bones.

While on a mission to the Gamma Quadrant , Worf was captured by the Dominion and sent to a Jem'Hadar prison camp where he met the real General Martok and was reunited with the real Dr.

Bashir , who had both been captured and replaced by changelings. While the prisoners worked to escape, Worf entered a daily round of combat with each of the guards in turn.

He earned the respect and admiration of Martok and even of the guards because he would not yield. Once the prisoners escaped, they managed to warn the station about the Bashir-changeling.

Martok asked Worf to be his first officer. The ship had suffered many losses to the Dominion, and morale was low.

Martok's refusal to engage the enemy, due to his Dominion incarceration, made things worse. Worf challenged him for command, but allowed Martok to win and retain command.

This led to Martok regaining his warrior's courage and, with renewed vigor, he led the crew to their first victory against the Dominion.

Understanding what Worf had done, Martok thanked him for reminding him of his duty as a soldier and offered him a place in his house as his brother.

By joining the House of Martok, Worf's status in the empire was restored albeit the House of Mogh remains stricken. Though Worf was initially estranged by his now adult son, and skeptical of his son's desire to serve the Empire, he eventually reconciled with him, and his son joined the House of Martok as well.

When Sisko eventually returned with a fleet of Federation ships to retake the station, Worf and Martok lobbied Gowron to send Klingon ships to join the battle.

The entry of the Klingon ships turned the tide and allowed the Defiant to break through and retake the station DS9 : " Favor the Bold ", " Sacrifice of Angels ".

Having helped liberate the station, Worf and Jadzia decided to get married. The wedding was a traditional Klingon ceremony which included a series of trials on Jadzia's part in order to gain the approval of Martok's wife to join the House of Martok.

This almost ended in disaster, as the free-spirited Jadzia felt forced into a position rather than taking the matter seriously enough.

Eventually, realizing its importance to Worf and counseled by Sisko that she needed to mature, Jadzia yielded and she was allowed to marry Worf.

In the DS9 episode " Change of Heart ", Worf prematurely ended a mission to contact a Cardassian informant inside the Dominion in order to save his injured wife.

The informant was subsequently executed by the Dominion, causing Captain Sisko to officially caution that Starfleet might not grant Worf his own command after this incident being another official reprimand in Worf's records of consequence.

However, Sisko added that, had he been forced to choose between his duty and his wife, he would have done the same thing. By late , Worf and Jadzia were married less than a year when they decided to try to have a child, despite the extreme difficulties posed by the disparate biologies of Trill and Klingons.

While Worf was away during a mission, Jadzia visited the Bajoran temple on the station where she was attacked and killed by an alien possessing the body of Gul Dukat , who had come aboard the station to destroy an Orb of the Prophet.

In , Worf led a mission to destroy a Dominion shipyard. He dedicated this mission to his late wife, in order to ensure her entry into Sto-Vo-kor, the Valhalla -like realm of the honored dead, being joined by Quark , Bashir and O'Brien DS9 : " Shadows and Symbols ".

Julian Bashir was able to save the Dax symbiont , which was sent back to the Trill homeworld to be rejoined with a new host aboard the USS Destiny.

When the symbiont's health worsened, the Dax symbiont was implanted into a new host named Ezri Dax , who was the assistant ship's counselor.

She had not been trained to be a host, but she was the only available unjoined Trill aboard. Ezri had difficulty making the transition and sought out Ben Sisko on Earth.

She helped him on his mission and then returned to DS9 with him. She accepted his request to stay on as station counselor.

Worf avoided Ezri at first, confused about what to do about this new situation. Her quick posting to DS9 led to a number of awkward moments between her and Worf, since the new host carried all the memories of their former hosts but had its own distinct personality, despite their shared past.

Also, it was considered taboo on Trill for new hosts to fraternize with former lovers. After a brief rekindling of their feelings for one another, they decided that things were just too different and, eventually, the two settled into a comfortable friendship, with Ezri eventually becoming romantically involved with Julian Bashir who previously had feelings for Jadzia.

In , Worf became concerned with the leadership of Gowron. The entry of the Breen into the war on the side of the Dominion temporarily sidelined the Federation and Romulan fleets, which proved vulnerable to Breen weaponry.

This left the Klingons alone to carry on the fight as their ships were not affected in the same manner. Gowron assumed direct command because he feared Martok's growing popularity and devised a plan to discredit Martok.

He began ordering Martok on near-suicidal missions against Dominion forces, hoping that a string of defeats would weaken Martok's popularity and discredit him as a military leader.

Recognizing that Gowron was jeopardizing the entire war effort for the sake of his personal pride, Worf tried to convince Martok that he should challenge Gowron for the leadership.

After Martok refused, Worf challenged Gowron himself, citing his faulty battle planning, his dishonorable conduct in trying to discredit Martok, and poor strategies at the later stages of the Dominion War.

After a brief battle, Worf killed Gowron; by right, he was proclaimed the new chancellor of the Klingon High Council. Ironically, it was again by Worf's hand the next chancellor of the Empire was decided having slain Duras to allow Gowron's ascension after K'mpec's death , and the second time he and Gowron dueled, this time finishing Gowron off.

As a token of respect, Worf performed the Klingon Death Howl after Gowron's death, essentially forgiving his misdeeds and recognizing a worthy warrior was on his way to Sto-Vo-Kor.

Worf continued to appear in TNG films which is explained in various ways, such as being rescued from the damaged Defiant during a battle with the Borg Star Trek: First Contact and taking leave that led to him travelling on the Enterprise Star Trek: Insurrection.

Star Trek: Nemesis was released after the conclusion of DS9 and Worf's status at this time is unclear.

Worf attended the wedding of William Riker and Deanna Troi on Earth and travelled to Betazed with the Enterprise crew for the second wedding ceremony when the ship was diverted to investigate positronic signals from a system near the Romulan border.

In after returning from a tournament, Worf encountered a quantum fissure and began shifting into different realities.

In one reality, he became involved with Deanna Troi while recovering from a spinal injury. He asked permission from Commander Riker to court Troi.

By the time the events in this episode takes place, he has been married to her for two years. In another reality, Worf is first officer of the Enterprise serving under Capt.

Riker who assumed command after Capt. Picard was killed by the Borg. In an alternate future, Alexander becomes a diplomat instead of a warrior.

He wanted to end the feuding among the great houses and declared that the House of Mogh would no longer engage in blood feuds.

Worf warned him that this was a show of weakness but Alexander persisted. Shortly after Alexander's decision, he witnesses Worf being killed on the floor of the High Council.

Had he become a warrior, he thinks perhaps he could have saved his father's life. Eventually, he finds a way to travel back in time to try to prevent these events from occurring by convincing his younger self to train to become a warrior while under the assumed name of K'Mtar, but Worf convinces him to return to the future with assurances that he has already changed his own history TNG : "Firstborn".

In an alternate future, Worf had been reluctant to become involved with Troi and her subsequent death led to a rift between Riker and himself as a result.

While on a mission in the Gamma Quadrant, the Defiant detects an energy barrier surrounding a planet in a nearby solar system.

When they enter the barrier, the ship is damaged and they detect a settlement with 8, people who are mostly human.

When they investigate, they learn they have been expected. The settlers explain they are the descendants of the Defiant crew. In a couple of days, when the Defiant tries to leave orbit, they will be thrown back in time two centuries and crash land on the planet.

Worf learns he married and raised a family. He meets his descendant Brota who leads the Sons of Mogh. The members are descendants of Worf and Jadzia and others who choose to join them.

After Terran rebels take over Terok Nor, Worf tries to recapture the station but is defeated by the rebels who have a new ship based on the design of the Defiant from the prime universe.

Eventually, Worf captured her and Grand Nagus Zek who crossed over to this universe to open new markets. Worf agreed to let Zek go in exchange for a cloaking device, but the device was sabotaged and his ship was disabled, allowing the Terran rebels to capture him DS9 : "The Emperor's New Cloak".

The series finale of Webster had the titular character go into the future to the Enterprise -D bridge where he encountered several unnamed Enterprise crew members and Worf.

Worf initially tells Webster he cannot return him to his time due to the Enterprise not being able to escape the gravitational pull of a planet, but eventually they were able to reverse engineer the process that brought Webster to them.

Shortly after Webster gets returned, Webster wakes up from what seemed to be a dream. During the film Ted 2 , Michael Dorn played a character by the name of Rick.

This character in the film attended the New York Comic Con amateurishly dressed as Worf playing on the fact that Dorn was the actor who portrayed Worf.

Worf's character is further developed in non- canon media. Riker's position of first officer aboard the Enterprise -E. In early in Resistance , Starfleet Command approves Picard's request to make Worf the permanent first officer, but Worf refuses as he doubts his command skills due to his choice of love over duty in "Change of Heart".

Soon afterwards, however, Worf successfully leads the rescue of Picard from another Borg crisis, and is sufficiently convinced to accept the permanent promotion.

According to the Titan series, he also adopted Data's cat Spot. As acknowledgement of Worf's role in helping them redeem themselves, the group name the first child born during this crisis after Worf.

IDW Comics took the character in a different direction in its licensed works. In the official comic book prequel to the movie Star Trek , Worf is a General in the Klingon Empire who is dispatched to deal with Romulan Captain Nero and his significantly altered mining vessel, the Narada.

When the Klingon forces suffer a crushing defeat, Worf agrees to Nero's demand to board a shuttle and come on board the Narada. Worf takes the opportunity to surprise Nero, cutting into the Narada's hull and fighting his way to the main bridge for a confrontation with Nero.

Already prepared for such a tactic, Nero succeeds in surprising Worf by impaling him through the back with a large mechanical tentacle.

When the Enterprise -E arrives to do battle with the Narada , Nero agrees to beam Worf over if the ship will lower its shields.

When Captain Data agrees, Worf is beamed back to the ship, giving the Narada time to fire on the Enterprise. The ship suffers heavy damage, but manages to raise its shields in time to prevent a second attack.

Nero then leaves the battle to continue his assault on the planet Vulcan. Worf is assumed to have survived, but this is never explicitly mentioned in the comic.

Worf is a decidedly popular character among fans. With TNG over in , the writers of DS9 came up with the idea of adding Worf to the cast in response to pressure to boost ratings.

Due to Worf's popularity there was some talk of a Captain Worf series before the franchise went into the Trek re-boots.

Screen Rant has rated the character Worf a number of times, and by several authors, at its site. TheWrap rates Worf as the 9th best character of Star Trek , saying that he "started the trend of turning enemies from past series into complex characters who became vital Starfleet crew members despite cultural differences.

The author explains that Worf is only in second place because he was raised by humans and relies mostly on honor. He goes on to admit, "Michael Dorn created a Trek legend here, there can be no doubt.

Served as first officer during successful Klingon mission to destroy Dominion shipyard at Monac. Commanded I. Koraga when ambushed by Dominion patrol near Badlands, forcing evacuation; ultimately rescued by Ezri Dax , but then captured by Breen and held captive by Dominion for execution until released by Cardassian resistance.

Defeated Klingon Chancellor Gowron in challenge to death; handed over chancellorship to General Martok.

Served as tactical officer aboard U. Defiant during final battle of Dominion war. Accepted position as Federation Ambassador to Qo'noS.

As the only Klingon in Starfleet, Worf has already achieved an illustrious and honorable career aboard the U. Enterprise as well as played a key role in Empire politics, but he keenly feels the effects of an often tragic life caught uniquely between the two conflicting cultures — immediately evidenced by the traditional Klingon baldrics he wears over his Starfleet uniform.

This inner-felt conflict stems in part from his perception of honor as taught but not always practiced by his native people, and is complicated by family relationships which echo his duality of culture in both his personal and public life.

Worf has even been put on report. He was born into a powerful political house on Qo'noS and carries vivid memories of a typical Klingon childhood.

On his first ritual hunt before the age of six with his father's friend L'Kor , he attacked a large beast and it mauled his arm, providing a lifelong scar.

However, Worf's life was changed forever in when his family was wiped out by Romulans at the Khitomer Outpost along their border; he has no memory of his father.

The young man was thought to be the only survivor, and was soon adopted by Chief Sergey Rozhenko , a human engineer nearing retirement aboard the U.

Intrepid , which provided the first assistance at the scene. The next year Worf lived with him, his wife Helena , and their son Nikolai among 20, colonists on the farm world Gault and later Earth, where the bigger and stronger Worf had a hard time adjusting to less-violent human culture and the two boys often disagreed.

Finally, at the age of 13 while playing in a championship game as captain of his school soccer team, he unintentionally broke the neck of an opponent and the boy died a day later — forever guilting him into a life of restraint among humans.

On the other hand, the Khitomer incident instilled in him a life-long hatred of Romulans. To feed his thirst for his native people's culture, the Rozhenkos consciously exposed Worf to as much as they possibly could — serving him Klingon food, including his favorite rokeg blood pie, and sending him to Qo'noS for his initial Age of Ascension ceremony in , at age As usual, when on the homeworld he stayed with a cousins' family but felt rejected and ran away to the nearby mountains.

There, while undergoing the Rite of MajQua in the lava caves of No'Mat, the vision of the original Klingon warrior Kahless came to him, prophesying that Worf would do what no other Klingon had done.

Worf entered Starfleet Academy with Nikolai in , but his impetuous brother left school and returned to Gault while Worf went on to graduate in The fear of depending on others to protect him had been the prime point of his own entrance exam's psych test.

In he signed aboard Picard's U. Enterprise in command division as a junior-grade lieutenant, at the time wearing a century-old Klingon baldric.

After the death of Security Chief Tasha Yar , he became acting chief and then assumed the post full-time in early , switching to security full-time n the operations division and gaining a promotion to full lieutenant.

His shipmates formally promoted him to lieutenant commander six years later with a ceremonial holographic ocean-dunking on an ancient Earth naval vessel.

Aside from a few weeks of dating fellow officer Deanna Troi in on the U. Enterprise , his most serious romance to date involved the half-human Ambassador K'Ehleyr.

Worf had ended their initial affair in , during his Academy years, but K'Ehleyr refused to begin anew and take vows after they mated in during her mission regarding the T'Ong sleeper ship incident.

Worf's family tree took on surprising twists during his U. Enterprise career, beginning with the trumped-up charge that Mogh had betrayed Khitomer to the Romulans.

The resulting probe turned up not only a second survivor and eyewitness to the massacre, his old nursemaid, but a younger brother who'd been left behind on Qo'noS, Kurn.

Even when the traitor was proven to be not Mogh but Jared , father of the powerful Duras , Worf later accepted discommendation from Klingon society rather than cause an uproar in Empire politics had the cover-up been revealed.

Worf was shocked to discover in that his interludes with K'Ehleyr had fostered a son, Alexander , when she accompanied the dying Klingon Chancellor K'mpec while old foe Duras, a challenger for succession, was a suspect.

With her mate and son present, K'Ehleyr died after being attacked by Duras when she drew too close to the truth about Khitomer, and Worf in anguish killed Duras on his own ship.

His captain was more than understanding, as he had been when Worf refused to donate blood to save a Romulan, but he was put on formal report for his actions.

During the Klingon Civil War of Worf felt compelled to resign his Starfleet commission to become involved, but it was reactivated after the war.

During that time he persuaded Kurn to support Gowron against Duras' sisters and their Romulan backers, standing up to the sisters when abducted and tortured.

His aid of the victor Gowron eventually restored his family's honor, and Kurn won a seat on the High Council. Mogh was later rumored to be alive in a secret Romulan prison on Carraya IV , but though Worf's covert mission found the rumor to indeed be false he did discover — and agree to keep secret — a colony of shamed Klingon survivors from Khitomer, led by his father's old friend, L'Kor , and their Romulans guards who'd resigned to live with them.

Worf dipped back into Klingon politics in after he questioned his own faith in the teaching of Kahless following the Carraya IV incident.

His visit to the caves of Boreth , the legendary site of the great warrior's predicted return, was shaken up when Kahless did appear to return.

Although later found to be cloned from ancient relics of the original Klingon warrior by the Boreth clerics, the response of spiritually empty Klingons to his presence led Worf to insist that Gowron accept the cloned Kahless as a returned Emperor and moral leader — in effect creating a constitutional theo-monarchy.

He was even reunited with his foster brother Nikolai in , when the two clashed again over the human's saving of the doomed Borallan village against Picard's orders and the Prime Directive to save his pregnant mate, a native.

The two parted more amicably after the incident, however. After his mother's death Alexander was initially sent to live with the Rozhenkos on Earth, but a year later Helena returned with him to plead that Worf take him back for support and guidance.

The two shared a testy relationship at first, but thanks to sessions with the ship's counselor — whom he eventually selected as the boy's foster parent if need be — they fared better.

When a shipboard accident left him paralyzed, Worf considered the ritual Hegh'bat suicide until both Riker and Troi talked him out of it, pointing to Alexander's need for a parent; an experimental genotronic spine later restored his health.

Shocked in to find his son returned through a time loop from 40 years in the future, be began allowing Alexander to find his own way — even if it was not the way of a Klingon warrior.

During his U. Enterprise tenure, he birthed Keiko O'Brien's baby Molly in Ten-Forward during a shipwide crisis in , his only prior experience having been a Starfleet emergency first aid class.

He dislikes surprise parties and diplomatic duty. He also taught mok'bara classes to those interested aboard ship, won a bat'leth tournament on Forkas III in , and for a time tutored Dr.

Crusher on the weapon; there is no word that he took her offer to join her acting workshop. He trains with a multi-level holo-program of personal combat "calisthenics," has also played Parrises Squares, and picked up the nickname "Iceman" from his U.

Enterprise poker play. Other interests include Klingon novels, love poetry, and a love of Klingon opera. His favorite beverage, christened as a "warrior's drink" when introduced to it by Guinan , is prune juice.

Following the destruction of the Enterprise and break-up of its staff in , Worf sent Alexander once again to live with the Rozhenkos on Earth and went on extended leave to revisit the Klingon monastery and clerics of Boreth in search of a spiritual answer to the letdown the rapid events provoked.

He found their discussions enlightening and considered resigning his Starfleet commission, but in early he accepted Captain Benjamin Sisko's request to join the Deep Space Nine staff in light of renewed Klingon friction after dissolution of the Khitomer Accords and their short-lived invasion of the Cardassian Empire.

He had all but decided to resign and join a Nyberrite cruiser crew when the Deep Space Nine offer persuaded him to stay, having felt that his Starfleet uniform was a disgrace to his own people.

Early on in the assignment Worf admitted to continued bouts of depression over the end of what he perceived as glory days on the Enterprise , and countered it somewhat by taking quarters on the station's starship, the U.

Defiant , and finding a kinship with Dax , who trains with the bat'leth and mek'leth as well. He soon got the chance to meet Klingon legend Kor , but that honor too was ripped away when image gave way to reality as the two fought over the Sword of Kahless relic they found on a quest.

Worf's public opposition to Gowron's invasion left him largely unaffected until the Empire attempted to frame him for the so-called slaughter of Klingon civilians amid a skirmish; the hoax was revealed only shortly before he would have been extradited for the crime and faced certain death.

However, on Qo'noS his house was once again stripped of its honor and properties, including Kurn's seat on the High Council.

His depressed brother showed up on the station asking for his own suicide rite. Only Dax's interruption stopped the ritual Worf was aiding, but after Kurn's unsuccessful death wish as a Bajoran deputy Worf realized his brother had no future and, short of suicide, opted to have his memory wiped and replaced with another Klingon identity, sending him to live with a family friend.

Even then he lived with the regret that his actions had been forever tainted by his human-learned values of mercy. It is with regret that I make this entry in the personal file of Lt.

Worf, whom I consider a fine officer. However, despite whatever sympathy I have for his personal reasons and the ways of his culture I cannot condone murder by anyone wearing the Starfleet uniform.

The officer in question is spared further disciplinary action only due to the circumstances of the location aboard the Klingon vessel Vorn and the not-unexpected indifference of the Klingon Empire to the incident.

Sparked by his spurning by Grilka and his uncharacteristic aid to Quark on wooing her the Klingon way, Worf's immediate friendship with Lt.

Dax has now blossomed into full-blown romance; luckily she is one of the few species on the station compatible with the physical demands of the situation.

The arrangement with Dax as his Par'machkai has stopped short by mutual consent of the traditional mating step required and seems to be affecting Worf in a positive way, aside from the squabble on Risa when what I perceive as Worf's reactionary tendencies held sway during his brief alignment with some New Essentialist activists there.

Riesenhai Megalodon Jones. Damit wird er Mitglied in einem ehrenhaften Worf. Unvollständige oder fehlende Übersetzung. John Billingsley. Sie bekleidet den Rang eines Lieutenants. Möglicherweise war er aber schon vorher Serien Legal Schauen Bord der Enterprise, denn im zweiten Film kennt er die Vorgänge, die Khan Noonien Singh betreffen Episode Der Sohn Sareks mit der vulkanischen Prinzessin ist Sybok. Worf ist als Sohn des Mogh auf Qo'noS geboren. Sein Bruder "Kurn" etwa Etwa siedelt Worf mit seinem Vater nach Khitomer um. Bei einem. geb. am 9. in Luling, Texas. Rolle bei Star Trek: TNG: Sicherheitschef, DS9: Taktischer Offizier voller Name: Worf, Sohn von Mogh Spezies: Klingone. Trotzdem schlägt Worf immer wieder zu und tötet Duras. Zwar hat er gemäß klingonischem Recht ehrenvoll gehandelt, doch Picard ist enttäuscht von Worfs. Name, Spezies, Rang, Position, Beschreibung, Bilder. Worf Sohn des Mogh. Klingone ♂. Commander / General. Erster Offizier der Enterprise-E. Worf ist der. Worf had Kentucky Fried Movie their initial affair induring his Academy years, but K'Ehleyr refused to begin anew and take vows after they mated in during her mission regarding the T'Ong sleeper ship incident. Inhe was promoted lieutenant TNG : " Evolution ". In one reality, he became involved with Deanna Troi while Worf from a spinal injury. He eventually developed strong feelings for Counselor Deanna Troiand explored a relationship Bilder Sprüche Die Ans Herz Gehen her for a time, which at times strained his relationship with her former romantic interest, Commander Riker. As acknowledgement of Worf's role in helping them redeem themselves, the group name the first child born during Worf crisis after Worf. In addition, Worf's commanding officer, Capt. Four months later, he arrived at DS9 seeking help from his brother to perform a ritual to die with honor. Resumed service on Miko Lee under Capt. Shortly after Alexander's decision, he witnesses Worf being killed on the floor Beste Freunde Küsst Man Nicht Stream Deutsch Streamcloud the High Council.

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Bruce Greenwood. Tolian Soran zusammenarbeiten, der eine Bombe bauen will, um in den Nexus zu gelangen siehe Treffen der Generationen , werden sie getötet, als die Enterprise unter der Führung von Commander Riker ihr Raumschiff zerstört. Denise Crosby. Worf Worf

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25 great worf son of mogh quotes Worf Worf Jedoch verband die beiden später eine tiefe Freundschaft, da Lwaxana durchaus in der Lage ist, ihre Grenzen zu erkennen Share Tube Eu auch eine sehr verständnisvolle, weiche Seite hat. Er ist auch gegen eine von Dr. Worf und K'Ehleyr gestehen sich endlich ihre gegenseitige Liebe ein. Susanna Thompson. Rosanna DeSoto.